Improve Your Health


The “Geek Bar” above can be found on every page that contains more advanced nutritional information. Sliding the marker from green-to-yellow-to-red will increase the amount of detail provided on each topic.

This program incorporates all of the latest scientific research to improve overall health, but greater detail can be incorporated to help deal with disease states. Whether it’s a concern about contracting a disease or reducing the symptoms of a recently diagnosed disease, we can incorporate all of the nutritional tricks to minimize the risk. Though every nutritional program we plan contains the healthiest ingredients available, we make sure that only the appropriate ingredients are used in this application. Because the entire program is software driven and each meal is prepared specific to the individual, we can remove ingredients that are issues or incorporate ingredients that are shown to have a positive impact. The program is super easy to follow because the meals show up ready-to-eat – there’s no preparation or clean-up required. Just heat the food in a microwave, enjoy your meal, and dispose of the container in a recycle bin!

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