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The “Geek Bar” above can be found on every page that contains more advanced nutritional information. Sliding the marker from green-to-yellow-to-red will increase the amount of detail provided on each topic.

Precision Food Works is an El Segundo, California based high-tech nutritional company. Our catered meal programs are designed specifically for each individual, and every ingredient in EVERY meal is weighed to the gram. The “nutritional engine” that powers this program required more than a decade of continuous development. The resulting proprietary nutritional algorithms and software make ingredient adjustments specific to each individual. Those meal adjustments are based upon your age, weight, percent body fat, workout routine, blood work, and ingredient preferences. We can communicate directly with your trainer or coach if you’d like your meals dialed in to match your exact weekly training schedule. The meals contain no added sugar, preservatives, or flour (even whole grain flour, which has a high glycemic index…it’s replaced with sprouted grain products). The highest quality ingredients are sourced for ALL applications, whether it’s fat loss, athletic performance, or tricks to slow the aging process. All meals are served in extremely high-quality microwave-safe plastic containers (so that nothing toxic leaches into the food), but those who wish to avoid microwaves entirely can transfer the meals to a plate. The meals themselves are prepared and delivered on a daily basis if you live in the Los Angeles area. If you’re out of the area, we normally ship 2 or 3 days of food at a time. Shipped meals are vacuum sealed, packed in dry ice, and shipped priority overnight in a strong, Styrofoam-lined, unmarked box, insuring that they’re fresh when they arrive at your location. Meal suggestions and ideal protein/carbohydrate/fat numbers will be offered if you have to go to a lunch or dinner meeting, but it’s up to you to eat responsibly. Any questions can be addressed by calling customer service at (323) 305-4479 or by e-mailing

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