Nutritional Testing

We offer state-of-the-art nutritional blood/urinalysis that’s customized to each individual’s unique needs. Though the testing is incredibly scientific, the results are interpreted in a manner that makes it very easy for the client to understand. Instead of “replacing” someone’s diet with an entirely new program (which is usually a recipe for disaster), we simply modify what someone has been doing in a way that causes minimal upset to their daily routine. For those that are looking at having meals prepared and delivered, the meals are dialed in to EXACTLY match the results of the nutritional testing. No effort is required on your end other than eating the meals that are sent!

Our comprehensive testing looks at food allergies, heavy metal toxicities, amino acid aberrations, fatty acid imbalances, vitamin/mineral deficiencies, gut microbial imbalances, Kreb’s cycle metabolite issues (which can significantly affect energy production), and an assortment of critical toxicological areas. Add-on testing can be performed to match an individual’s specific areas of concern. Nutritional considerations in athletic performance, fat loss, or “overall health” can easily be covered through our base panel. This is the same panel used by Superbowl-winning NFL teams.

In the field of athletic performance, it’s not just what the results show…it’s knowing what’s “normal” for a professional athlete. We have a one-of-a-kind database of elite athletes that we match your data to (check out the last paragraph under About Us). We also have more than 20 years of experience in what works and, more importantly, what doesn’t work. Our primary goal through the nutritional testing is to identify deficiencies or toxicities, correct those areas, and return the individual to fully nourished status. Through experience, it’s amazing to see the difference a person feels when they’re fully nourished! Once someone has reached this status, THEN we can discuss all of the little tricks that make a small difference in performance and recovery.

All of our test services are performed through the top nutritional analysis laboratory in the country. Without bad-mouthing any of the other labs, we utilize a specific laboratory because we submitted “split samples” to each lab (drawing two blood tests from one person and putting different names on the tests…without telling the labs), then looked at the results that came back. The competing labs looked like ENTIRELY different people, which obviously poses a major problem. The lab we utilize returned each of the samples plus or minus a few points on each test, which insures that we’re making nutritional decisions based on repeatable analysis.

One area that we don’t venture into is the sale of supplements. We don’t sell supplements and we very rarely refer to a specific brand during a nutritional review. We’ve received a few complaints about this policy from clients who do end up needing something, but there are several good reasons behind this corporate decision.

#1 – If you can get the nutrients you need by eating a certain food, it makes no sense to buy a bottle of pills to get that same nutrient. In all but very unique cases, there is always a food you’d be willing to eat that includes the nutrient that’s in question. In 95% of the cases, there is absolutely no need for supplements.

#2 – Selling supplements creates a substantial conflict of interest for anyone reviewing a nutritional test. Do you want someone reviewing your test and telling you that you have an INCREDIBLE need for this nutrient, then flashing you a bottle of pills that are being sold at a significantly marked up price? We price our services to be very fair for what you receive and do not depend on “up-sells” to generate more revenue. By not selling supplements, it maintains 100% integrity for our nutritional review services.

#3 – By avoiding the sale of supplements, it keeps Precision Food Works 100% clear of any issues that could arise from an athlete testing positive for a banned substance. No matter how clean a supplement manufacturer’s product appears to be, there is always the chance that something is in that bottle that is banned by a sport’s sanctioning body.

If you have any questions about our services, please feel free to contact customer care at (323) 305-4479.