Athletic Performance – Intermediate

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This program is designed to maximize athletic performance using the latest in nutritional science. Every effort is made to include nutrient-dense ingredients that complement each other. The quantity of each ingredient is adjusted by our proprietary software based upon its protein, carb, and fat values, as well as its micronutrient content. Many athletes ignore the protein found in vegetables, grains, and dairy products. Because of this, we find that most athletes end up taking in more protein than they need in each meal. Our software calculates the actual quantity of complete protein available to you from each meal, minimizing the load on your kidneys, reducing fat storage, and minimizing the quantity of water that you’ll need to stay adequately hydrated. Carbohydrates are selected based upon their glycemic index value, complex carbohydrate content, and fiber content. Because you’ll end up running to the restroom a lot if you take in TOO much fiber, athletes have to watch their fiber intake when consuming “healthy” food. Our software insures that you won’t run into that issue, as each meal will be adjusted to contain the correct number of grams of fiber. Saturated fats are kept to a minimum, while mono- and poly-unsaturated fats are used more liberally. The fat content of each meal will be consistent down to the gram as well, so you’ll find that each meal will be equally filling and you won’t find yourself hungry quicker than expected.