Weight Loss – Intermediate

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This program is designed to encourage fat loss through every means possible. Every effort is made to include nutrient-dense ingredients that ideally complement each other. By doing so, protein intake is controlled so that there are no excess calories that can encourage fat gain. The quantity of each ingredient is adjusted by our proprietary software based upon its protein, carbohydrate, and fat values, as well as its micronutrient content. One of the key components of any scientifically based “fat loss” diet will be caloric restriction, but with caloric restriction comes the dual responsibility of 1) carefully selecting nutrient-dense ingredients t and 2) making sure that those ingredients score very low on the glycemic index table. This insures that you maintain your energy levels for several hours after eating. For example, cutting out all fat in order to achieve caloric restriction can increase the glycemic index of the meal, causing your blood sugar to spike (and crash, soon afterward). Our software insures that you won’t run into that issue, as each meal will be adjusted to contain the correct number of grams of fat and protein (as well as fiber and other ingredients that stabilize the glycemic index of the meal). Eating smaller meals 5 times/day will also help to keep your metabolism active, encouraging fat loss to occur in a manner that allows you to maintain your new body weight very easily.